Artist Statement - Brian Shepp

The archetypal subjects of the Eternals series manifest on a background of time-battered wood and metal. Upon this aged template, forms are evoked, crafted through intricate stencils and spray paint.

In an ongoing search for compelling texture and physical depth in my work, I developed a process of 'creating age,' using acrylic and oil paints on deconstructed plywood (smashed apart then glued together), crafting surfaces that look like sun-baked fragments of ancient wood planks. The 'canvases' themselves thus become meditations on decay and the impermanence of all things.

A stencil represents an idea reduced to the primary artistic expression of a single color and single line - a purity of shape that suggests pure concepts. The subjects that then emerge from the wood become archetypes and truths that remain, though all else may fade, beyond the physical ravages of time.