Artist Statement - Brian Shepp

Ice is cool.

As an artist and photographer local to Donner Lake in the high Sierra Nevada, I am surrounded by ice for about a third of every year. The whims of ice and snow define life from December through April.

For the past 8 years, I have watched the ice and studied it. I have hunted for it in the crystal clear streams and rivers that drain the Old 40 watershed into Donner Lake. I have learned to track its continuous changes, marveling at its myriad manifestations. Looking closer I have discovered a world of intense, surprising beauty, an exuberant explosion of unique line, shape and color, simultaneously abstract and absolutely real.

The photographs in my ICE Series are faithful representations of physical reality - close-up compositions of a frozen micro-world - but suffused with fantasy and imagination. The patterns engage and challenge your eye as you discover and rediscover fluid shapes and forms that suggest other half- defined shapes, like photographs from half-remembered dreams.